Chief Officer

The following are the functions of the Chief Officer, Municipal Corporation Faisalabad, as listed under Schedule-I of Punjab Local Governments (Conduct of Business) Rules 2017:

  1. Coordination and supervision of all municipal offices.
  2. Human Resource Management and general administration.
  3. Public relations.
  4. Legal affairs.
  5. Ensure implementation of environmental and social safeguards.
  6. Procurements.
  7. Contract management.
  8. Take action against violators of the Act, Rules or Byelaws.
  9. Internal audit.
  10. Assist the relevant authorities in provision of relief in the event of any fire, flood, hailstorm, earthquake, epidemic or other natural calamity with the support of Municipal Offices, and
  11. Organize sports including sports for persons with disability and celebration of national occasions, and
  12. Any other function assigned by the Government.

Ch. Zubair Hussain
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