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Welcome to Municipal Corportaion Faisalabad

Muhammad Razzaq Malik

MAYOR, Municipal Corporation

Welcome to the innovative website of the Municipal Corporation Faisalabad which has been developed by The Urban Unit upon request. You can now find us at and

The look and navigation of the developed website is new and information has been made more accessible. Few pages of the website are still in progress, but visit the site frequently as more content about our activities will become available.

Powers & Functions of Mayor, Municipal Corportion

According to the Punjab Local Government (Conduct of Business) Rules 2016, the following will be the functions of Mayor, Municipal Corporation.

  1. The Mayor shall provide vision for long-term development, leadership and direction for efficient functioning of the Local Government.
  2. The Mayor shall sign the notifications on behalf of a Local Government for publication in the official Gazette.
  3. The Mayor shall maintain administrative and financial discipline of the Local Government.
  4. The Mayor shall inspect the working of Municipal Offices in Local Government biannually, with special focus on the following areas:
  • Status of service delivery against the Key Performance Indicators.
  • Execution of the Annual Development Plan.
  • Municipal Offences and enforcement.
  • Adherence to the law, rules, byelaws, standing instructions, orders and directives.
  • Recovery of own source revenue, and overall financial position of the Local Government.
  • Recovery of revenue in arrears.
  • Official management, discipline, and overall function of the Local Government.
  • Contract Management.
  • Redressal of Public Complaints.